No Un-Discipled Disciples

At CBC, our goal is to see every disciple discipled, and no un-discipled disciples. One Another Groups (OAGs) is one way that we hope to see this goal accomplished. OAGs aim to facilitate an environment where the members of CBC can grow in their love for God and His people by meeting regularly one-on-one or in smaller groups outside of the gathering to pray for one another, have Word-centered conversations, and fellowship together.


Some groups might meet to pray through a Bible passage and for each other. Other groups might meet to study a book of the Bible with the aim of application and encouragement. Other groups might meet to discuss last week’s sermon or a book by a Christian author. All of these are examples of what a Word-centered discussion might look like. They all in some way revolve around God’s Word, the Bible. Regardless of what your meeting looks like though, our prayer is that OAGs would help you and your group grow in your love for God and his people.


CLICK HERE if you're interested in meeting with others in our church. Depending on your meeting preferences, you will be added into an existing group or a newly formed group. We will follow up with you to help you find a group that is a good fit.


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